AirLine's R360XL Hookah Dive System

AirLine’s R360XL Hookah Dive System


(as of 09/24/2014 at 16:15 UTC)

Product Description

Because of the exceptional performance of the XL compressor, it is extremely well qualified to support the third, and even, fourth diver at respectable recreational depths. It is shown as a separate entity to eliminate confusion in determining requirements for depth and number of participants. EXceL, eXceLlent,No matter how you spell it, the unequalled, un-copied leader of the pack! The RX260XL is the bad boy that gives the competition nightmares. A large, single-head compressor that equals, or betters in delivered air, the other guy's double-head. The RX360XL can be serviced by you---in the field---in 15 minutes, with just three common hand tools and then only after hundreds and hundreds of hours of faithful service are you too water-logged to service yourself? Not to worry there are about 1,000 Thomas service facilities in North America alone. The Owner's Manual, however, is quite specific in the care and feeding of baby. A very tough (but caring) single-head compressor, cut from a solid block of aluminum, and featuring a prominent, six-inch cooling fan. There is no restriction in its ability to disburse heat. The fan also has the effect of deflecting splash while it is pushing out heated air. Further, the large vent affords the possibility of washing off the bearing/piston assembly after the dive day, to rid critical working parts of the destructive effects of salt. There is absolutely no disassembly involved. Salt WILL enter the interior of ANYcompressor as it ca


  • Compressor Features:
  • Single Head Air Compressor
  • Easy to Maintain (Just Three Hand Tools)
  • Service Free Design
  • Solid Aluminum Block Compressor

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